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SG52 - Mami, glass set


The “Mami” Table and glasses sets virtually complete at least the basic Alessi table, as conceived by a designer whose astonishing combination of creative talent and humour together with his capacity to relate to the public, has resulted in his leaving his unmistakable mark on the 1990s. Will Stefano’s new projects for the twenty-first century be characterised by the innovative designs and receive the public acclaim that have put him on top so far? Personally, I do not doubt it. A strong new element of his current poetics is undoubtedly the desire to explore a new area that I am tempted to define as the research of classicism, harmony and the archetypal, interpreted as only he knows how, while continuing to develop the playful leitmotif at which, as we all know, he excels, surprising and delighting us (see the “Superpepper”). This is evident in his most recent works, from the “Mami” cutlery and knives to the complex project “Il Bagno Alessi”. The new direction in which he is moving, which was already clear in the design of his pans of 1999, has influenced the new projects we are developing for the immediate future (particularly domestic appliances) and I would suggest you to follow this closely.