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ALESSI IN LOVE - Every time an act of love

1 August 2013

July 2013 - Alessi is constantly looking for the most advanced expressions of international creativity in order to fulfill people's dreams, translating into industrial production the company vocation towards Design Excellence.

On this journey lies "Alessi in Love", a metaproject in search of new inspirations, new directions and new ways of interacting with a love gift, given to celebrate a special moment or to declare your feelings to a loved one.

The creative process will involve designers and emergent talents from all over the world through the online contest organized on the Desall.com platform.

Read more about the contest in the press release.

Read the brief.

The competition will start on August 29, check this link to participate http://desall.com/Contests

"Alessi in Love" started on initiative of LAURA POLINORO DESIGN STUDIO in collaboration with Desall

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