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Alessi news for 2013 Milan Design Week

8 April 2013

To mark this year’s Design Week, the Alessi Flagship Store in Via Manzoni will focus on personal accessories, with a brand new licensing project in the eyewear sector and the newly expanded watch collection, which now includes designs by twenty designers. In partnership with the Hong Kong –based company 101 Studio Limited, ALESSIEYES is launching its debut “Kompas” collection of sunglasses and frames, designed by Frederic Gooris.
Eclectic designer Marcel Wanders is the latest addition to the ALESSIWATCHES catalogue, his “Dressed” range further expanding the Alessi watch collection.
On the subject of personal accessories, Alberto Alessi states, “We aim to apply that unique and distinctive Alessi blend of eccentricity and style, playfulness and culture, irony and elegance to a whole range of personal objects. We want to use our skills and expertise to create classic items instead of items that tend to go out of fashion after one season. Our aim is to create New Archetypes.”
Frederic Gooris’ original stand at the Alessi Flagship Store offers an unconventional presentation of all 23 models in the “Kompas” eyewear collection and pays timeless homage to architect Josef Hoffmann, founder of Wiener Werkstaette, the early 20th century cultural, creative and production movement of which Alessi and Italian design factories are now the last spiritual heirs.
One area of the display has been reserved for the creative brilliance of Marcel Wanders and his new “Dressed” watch.

Alessi is also presenting in its Via Manzoni showroom a preview of AdiAcqua, a collaborative project with Acque Bognanco. Giovanni Alessi Anghini was asked to design a new shape for the glass bottle for the effervescent and natural water of the Ausonia and Gaudenziana springs.

For iSaloni, the Alessi stand at the Milan-Rho Trade Fair focuses on the world of small furniture and design accessories, a sector that the company has been researching and exploring in depth. Taking centre stage are the latest projects by Jakob Wagner, with his “Pick-Up”, the easy-to-carry side table/magazine stand, and Eero Aarnio, with “CrissCross”, the spacious multi-use basket container. Plus there is plenty of atmospheric lighting from Pier Paolo Pitacco, the Campana brothers and Mario Trimarchi, as well as David Chipperfield’s “Piana” folding chair and multi-form vases by Zaha Hadid, the Fuksas and Adam Shirley - not forgetting mirrors, magazine stands, side tables, and candlesticks by various designers, all in the huge “Alessi Encyclopedia”.

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