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Scoop - HKO01

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Helen Kontouris is from Port Melbourne, in Victoria. After Marc Newson, John Denton, Tom Kovac, Abi Alice and Lisa Vincitorio, another name is added to the handful of Australian designers in Alessi...

Goldfish - ASG98 AZ
Goldfish - ASG98 GR
Goldfish - ASG98 V

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This new family of objects is part of ongoing collaboration with the National Palace Museum in Taiwan, which began in 2007 with the “Chin Family”. What role has the Museum played in this projec...

Mr. Chin - ASG82 AZ
Mr. Chin - ASG82 R

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The National Palace Museum of Taiwan can be considered the Louvre of the Orient for the richness and scope of its collections of antiquities, painting, calligraphy, objets d’art, books and docume...

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