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Introducing Alessi Tab

23 September 2010

"AlessiTab" is the new interactive multimedia tablet developed by the partnership between Alessi and Promelit and exclusively designed by Stefano Giovannoni.

The "AlessiTab" which stands for "tablet", literally "slab" or "small table", has a 10.1" HD touchscreen, with graphics also designed by Giovannoni, and forms part of a versatile design that enables it to be used in various positions: as a consequence, the gravitational sensor rotates images 180°.

"This brand new product type - remarks Alberto Alessi, President of Alessi s.p.a. – enriches what we like to call the "Alessi Encyclopaedia" in a very contemporary product area."

Danilo Marchiori, President of Promelit, comments: "The idea was to develop a contemporary instrument such as the Tablet, but to use it in another way, turning it into the focal point of advanced household communications in the third millennium. We believe that this product, more than any other and perhaps uniquely, perfectly summarizes technology and our attachment to our homes."

Based on Google’s new open source Android operating system, which is destined to become the most popular system for smartphones and tablets, "AlessiTab" is designed as a simple, intelligent and versatile domestic tool to be easily used by everyone. The whole family will find applications to interest them, from housewives to young new technology enthusiasts, cinema and music lovers, and those who love cooking, as well as both Internet fanatics and those who are less familiar with technology.

Thanks to the Android open source OS, "AlessiTab" can be continually updated and enriched with new functions.

The icons on the main screen of the Alessi applications enable users to connect with a carefully chosen selection of interactive services with just a single touch: real time news updates from news agency ANSA and weather services from Epson, recipes from the Cucchiaio d’Argento recipe book published by Editoriale Domus, 13,000 radio stations from all over the world via the Radiotime application, nutritional information from the INRAN Institute, presentations of the DOKI system for a new concept of domotics. Thanks to its Wi-Fi connection,

"AlessiTab" users can surf the net, manage their emails using the video keyboard, and make voice and video calls. It is also configured to receive digital terrestrial TV, web TV and web radio. Personal files can be reproduced in high definition through the USB port.

 "AlessiTab" is particularly innovative in the kitchen: the cook of the family, as well as enthusiastic foodies, will find recipes for all tastes, which they can easily browse and consult by using the screen in its 30° degree position while they are at work. "AlessiTab" will be on sale only in Italy from November in all good consumer electronics stores.

After many objects for the table and the kitchen, the "AlessiTab" is going to become the iconic symbol of the next generation Alessi Domestic Landscape.


With regard to the contents of the Alessi application, the following agreements have been made in Italy so far:

ANSA news and weather

Editoriale Domus - Il Cucchiaio d’Argento


Radiotime 13,000 radio stations across the world

INRAN Italian National Research Institute for Food and Nutrition



Technical features:

  • 10.1" capacitive Touchscreen Display
  • Auto-rotation with gravitational sensor
  • Google Android v. 2.1 Operating System
  • 1 GB internal memory
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g connection
  • DVB-T with antenna
  • Integrated microphone and camera
  • HD support with HDMI output
  • USB Port / SD card
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Digital frame
  • Widgets (news, weather forecasts, recipes, clock, alarm, timer)
  • Software update via network (OTA)

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