ALESSI IN-possible
Before an idea is brought to life
The exhibition* recounts the behind-the-scenes efforts underlying every industrial design object. They are primarily related to research, an activity that runs the risk of failure yet is necessary and indeed represents the only way to achieve truly innovative objects. Moreover, they are related to a dialogue between designer and company: an industrial design object is a collective work that emerges from a partnership between the designer on one hand and, on the other, a series of skills that - in what is often a long and laborious process - contribute to bringing the product to market.
Despite the spread of 3D printers and the increasing number of designers who produce their own work, this collective style of working remains relevant. It is one of the ways in which the design world expresses itself. Self-production sits alongside this as another form that neither denies nor replaces work arising from the dialogue between company and designer. The factory is a kind of Agora in which designers, engineers, production technicians, product marketing managers and communications managers dialogue and their final decision is the industrial product.
The "IN-possible” exhibition is dedicated to this dialogue, to the many ways in which it takes place, and it has an original take: the story of projects that never made it out of the factory. The development of a project may produce unexpected results, not exclusively related to technical problems or financial constraints, but also to the expressive dimension of the object, its language, or its emotional impact.
The here presented projects offer the public a glimpse of the lesser known part of the Alessi Museum collection to reveal the inner workings of one of the Italian Factories of Design through a selection of projects that never saw the light.
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