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Kitchen spoon Brigata

Brigata VS08/51



Kitchen spoon in 18/10 stainless steel.

Width (cm):  6.50
Height (cm):  33.00
Length (cm):  4.50

Versatile and practical to use, the Brigata kitchen spoon can be used to taste foods during preparation, mix and amalgamate but also to put food on platters or even to serve at the table.

Six kitchen utensils with a soft and elegant design: designed by Valerio Sommella, Brigata is a set of tools that combine functionality with an original and sophisticated design. The distinctive character of the collection is the handle, designed to be handy and balanced, without renouncing formal elegance. Made of stainless steel, Brigata kitchen utensils are essential accessories for the kitchen, but they are also pleasant presence to be left in view thanks to the particular design created by the author.

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