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Containers Ellipse

Ellipse PC-ABI07


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    • 18/10 stainless steel
    • white, yellow
    • white, turquoise
    • yellow, turquoise


Set of 3 containers in steel coloured with epoxy resin.

Width (cm):  17.30
Height (cm):  4.50
Length (cm):  40.00

The Ellipse Collection is designed by Abi Alice. Three ellipses of different sizes are produced from a sheet of stainless steel and then slightly curved to turn them into a series of versatile containers. Their simple and minimalist design makes it possible to use them in different ways and contexts: in the kitchen or dining room, in the office or the living room. The masterful use of three colours, white, yellow and turquoise creates a vibrant interplay of combinations and juxtapositions.

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