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Set of caps Carlo, a little ghost on the top of a bottle

Carlo, a little ghost on the top of a bottle AMDR01 S3


Designer CSA, Mattia Di Rosa

Set of two stoppers in thermoplastic resin, black and white.

Height (cm):  5.50
Length (cm):  8.50
Width (cm):  3.50


Fruit of the imagination of one of the youngest designers in Alessi's catalogue, these were created as part of the F.F.F. (Family Follows Fiction) metaproject, an operation in the early 1990s that aimed to explore the affective structure of shapes and objects, starting from the idea of reproducing the object creation process followed by children and primitive cultures. The result is a family of playful objects reminiscent of fairytale characters: they offer attractive answers to everyday uses, they suggest mediation through playing, and they're a bridge to the world of the imagination.

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The Designer


The Alessi Research Centre (CSA) was set up in 1990 for two purposes: to draw up theoretical papers on topics associated with objects (to be published as books), and to coordinate work with young designers. Up until that time Alessi had only worked with “major designers”, and I felt a certain degree of responsibility towards young, upcoming designers. Alberto Alessi

Mattia Di Rosa

The Designer

Mattia Di Rosa

Born at Carrara in 1969, artist. His obsessive experimental approach focuses on his fascination with errors and chance, his preferred points of reference in his creative process. He has been working with Alessi since 1992.