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Tea-strainer Te ò

Te ò ASP09 DAZ


Designer CSA, Stefano Pirovano

Tea-strainer in thermoplastic resin with 18/10 stainless steel filter, blue.

Height (cm):  3.60
Length (cm):  5.70
Width (cm):  6.40

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“Te ò” the tea-strainer that embraces the cup


“Te ò” was designed by Stefano Pirovano and it's part of the objects for breakfast founded on the research of reproducing small playful, sensorial performances.

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The Designer


The Alessi Research Centre (CSA) was set up in 1990 for two purposes: to draw up theoretical papers on topics associated with objects (to be published as books), and to coordinate work with young designers. Up until that time Alessi had only worked with “major designers”, and I felt a certain degree of responsibility towards young, upcoming designers. Alberto Alessi

Stefano Pirovano

The Designer

Stefano Pirovano

Born in Milan in 1961, he is a designer, stage designer, graphic artist and interior designer, combining various languages in his projects and insisting on the close bond between function and representation in his objects.