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Spaghetti measure VOILE



Spaghetti measure in 18/10 stainless steel with PVD coating, Golden Pink.

Height (cm):  3.50
Length (cm):  9.00
Width (cm):  7.00

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A spaghetti measurer, for those who love Mediterranean cuisine


An elegant object with an air of mystery, which does not immediately reveal its function, the Voile spaghetti measure has a shape created by three sinuous rings, designed to measure one, two or five portions of pasta.

The Objets-Bijoux collection translates simple everyday actions into a series of objects with an evocative, high-end design. Functional little objects designed as treasures to wear or carry with you, captivating in their duality: practical and ornamental at the same time. The Golden Pink finish adds elegance and uniqueness to these light-hearted, refined inventions that make ideal gifts for anyone, oneself included!

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