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Wine cooler Chiringuito Cooler

Chiringuito Cooler ARA07 I


Designer Ron Arad
Advice Alberto Gozzi

Wine cooler in thermoplastic resin, ice.

Height (cm):  43.00
Length (cm):  30.00
Width (cm):  15.00
Content (cl/oz):  400.00


The classic form of the wine cooler after Ron Arad applied his innovative, unconventional and utterly functional vision of forms and materials.

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Ron Arad

The Designer

Ron Arad

Ron was born in Tel Aviv in 1951, he studied at the Jerusalem Academy of Art and at the Architectural Association of London where Bernard Tschumi was his teacher and Nigel Coates and Zaha Hadid his colleagues. He lives and works in London where he teaches at The Royal College of Art. Putting architecture to one side for a while, although he has in fact recently returned to that discipline, Ron turned his attention to design and began working with several Italian companies. He has created some world-famed pieces and is a true virtuoso as can been seen in works like his performance: Ron is always searching for new unconventional solutions for common objects and experimenting with new technologies and materials in innovative forms.