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Wrist watch Kaj

Kaj AL10010


Designer Karim Rashid

Wrist watch in Polyurethane, black.

Diameter (cm):  3.80
Height (cm):  1.50
Length (cm):  2.20

Alessi watches: the cosmos at your wrist


The watch Kaj. Designed by Karim Rashid, is a simple object, soft, and to wear it is a certain private experience. Its mechanism in a perfect ovaloid that is symbolic of technology, the cosmos, passage and cyclic nature of Time.

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Karim Rashid

The Designer

Karim Rashid

Born in Cairo in 1960. He receives a bachelor of Industrial Design in Canada in 1982 and postgraduate studies in Italy. For seven years he is at KAN Industrial Design and co-designs the Babel Fashion Collection for 6 years. In 1993, he opens his own studio in New York City. His works are in the permanent collections of 14 Museums. His perspective and clients are global and while considers him more of a cultural provocateur, his projects range is from products, interiors, fashion, furniture, lighting, art, music to installations.