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Bowl Furbo

Furbo KI01 FP


Designer KINGS

Bowl in 18/10 stainless steel mirror polished and resin, fluo pink. Limited edition of 999 numbered copies.

Diameter (cm):  20.00
Height (cm):  23.00

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The Furbo bowl created by KINGS (Federica Perazzoli and Daniele Innamorato) is one of those little collections of limited editions items (999 pieces): genuine artist’s multiples that occupy the middle ground between unique works and serial objects. Furbo is a sculpture composed of a little statue made from cast plastic resin that holds a stainless steel bowl. The statue is completely coloured with neon pink paint.

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The Designer


Federica Perazzoli and Daniele Innamorato live and work in Milan, Italy. SOLO SHOW 2015 “BABEL CIRCUS”, Joyce Palais Royale , Molin Corvo Gallery, Paris; 2014 “KINGS cutting Marsèll”. Marselleria Milan; “NEW MUSEUM”, Gabbianacci, Fiesso DʼArtico, VE; 2013 “NOWHERE” Macao, Milan; “INSIDE CARLO MOLLINO”, Plastic Milan; 2012 “NEW MUSEUM”, Macao, Milan; 2011 “KINGS LOVE”, ZINE N° 2, Marsèlleria Milan; “B.Y.O.B.”, curated by G. Cortassa B. Meneghel, Milan; “ANIMAL SOUND”, Hotel Straf Milan; “ARTHOUSE”, Palazzina Orobia, Milan; 2010 “KINGS LIFE”, ZINE N°1, Assab - One Milan; “NEW MUSEUM”, Museo Pecci Milan; 2009 “ROCKʼNʼROLL”, KINGS ZINE 0, Dimore Studio Milan... GROUP EXIBITION 2015 “FIRST OPENING”, Curated Mirko Rizzi, Marsèll Art Run Space, Mars, Padua; 2014 “STOPOVER 1:1, Isola Art Center, Lab Fight-Specific Isola, curated Camilla Pin e Bert Theis Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova (+MSUM) Ljubljana “ONGOING FIGHT-SPECIFIC ISOLA”, curated Valeria Mancinelli e Camilla Pin., Isola Art Center,S.a.L.E. Docks Venice; 2013 “ACTIVUM”, curated Marianne Heier, Bert Theis, Out, Kunstnervorbundet Oslo; “FUCK TABOOS”, Camera 16 Milan“FUNDING FOR ISOLA”, Bianconi Gallery, Milan; 2012 “FIGTH-SPECIFIC-ISOLA”, Frigoriferi Milanesi, Milan; “CHARITY BOX- ONE YEAR AFTER”, La Triennale di Milano; 2011 “BYOB”, curated by Guia Cortassa Barbara Meneghel, Spazio Concept, Milan;“CHARITY BOX ON TOUR”, Tokyo Mid Town , Centre dʼart Contemporain Geneve, Palazzo del Podestà CastellʼArquato, Spaziocorsocomo Milan; 2009 “TERRITORIA 4”, curated Bert Theis, Centro per lʼArte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci Prato “ISOLA ROSTA PROJECT”, Isola Art Center present project by Osservatorio in opera, Liceo Artistico Caravaggio Milan “OPEN CARE OPEN DAY”, il restauro del site-specific, opere dallʼIsola Art Center, Open Care Milan...