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Olive oil bottle holder Oliette

Oliette MSA33 GR


Designer Marta Sansoni

Olive oil bottle holder in steel coloured with epoxy resin, green.

Diameter (cm):  12.00
Height (cm):  10.00

The foliage of the olive tree blown by the wind


From Marta Sansoni’s research into accessories connected with the consumption and serving of oil comes Oliette, a bottle holder. In the case of Oliette, the designer reproduces the foliage of the olive tree, a weave of branches and leaves created through the laser cutting and folding of a sheet of steel giving a sense of movement, as if they are being blown by the wind. Oliette has both a poetic and original appearance. Oliette is a sort of mix between a bottle coaster and a glacette, it's evoking a new kind of object, especially for its particular functionality: to hold the bottle of oil emphasizing it and at the same time to avoid grease stains on the table.

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Marta Sansoni

The Designer

Marta Sansoni

Marta Sansoni, an architect and designer living in Florence (Italy), graduated in architecture in 1990. Her thesis work project “A building for worship” was published by the School of Architecture at the University of Florence and was selected to represent the Department of Architectural Design at the 1991 “Salon International de l’Architecture” in Paris. From 1990 to 1996 she has officially and continuously been a lecturer in the course of Interior Architectural Design at the University of Florence. She participated in several national and international design exhibitions and competitions: among these, the 1990 “Memory Containers” with Alessi. In the field of architecture, she has realized projects for new buildings in Florence and many projects of interior architectural design for private houses, shops, restaurants coffee shops, wine-bars and offices in Italy and abroad. In the design area, she has realized for Alessi two articulated families of objects (“Cactus!”, “Ba-Rock) and a series of individual objects.