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Sauteuse La Cintura di Orione

La Cintura di Orione 90107/20 T


Advice Alain Chapel

Sauteuse in multiply (AISI 430, aluminium, 18/10 stainless steel).

Diameter (cm):  20.00
Height (cm):  7.00
Length (cm):  41.00
Width (cm):  20.00

90107/20 T

For those who love cooking and want to make tasty and sophisticated dishes, the pots of La Cintura di Orione series in trilamina offer professional and high quality features. The conical casserole or sauteuse, thanks to its sloping shape, is the ideal receptacle for preparations that require mixing, such as sauces, creams or puree. It is suitable for all heat sources, including induction.

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