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Tray Alice

Alice OD01 BR



Tray in brass with relief decoration.

Width (cm):  36.00
Height (cm):  2.50
Length (cm):  51.00

A dynamic expressive space enriched by the striking reflections of the decorated brass: the tray Alice Extra Ordinary Metal brings a sought-after semplicity to the table.

The Extra Ordinary Metal collection combines Alessi's historic production experience with elements of Italian culture, to explore new possible definitions of metal surface. Brass was chosen to interpret, from an industrial point of view, a refined and ancient goldsmith's technique that is the Etruscan Granulation. Obtained through a cold drawing of the brass, it creates a rich interaction with light, a kind of luminous skin capable of exalting both complex shapes and pure, neutral lines. The 'grain' arrangement follows a geometric sequence generated by the succession of Fibonacci, an Italian mathematician who for first translated the golden logic of classical proportions into numbers. This principle, that regulates the balance of Nature, expresses timeless compositional harmony and becomes the extra-ordinary author of this project.

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