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Caja portacondones (PRODUCT)RED Cohndom box

(PRODUCT)RED Cohndom box ASC03 RED

€ 10,00

Designer Susan Cohn

Caja portacondones en resina termoplástica, rojo. (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition Partner.

longitud (cm):  6.20
ancho (cm):  6.20

Cohndom box is attractive, easy to carry and to open


Designed by Susan Cohn to protect prophylactis from body heat and from being punctured or damaged in a wallet or a bag where it can be hold. You can hold it in your pocket, in a wallet or in a bag. It’s discreet and ideal for both men and women: a simple refined squared box that can be open with a simple pressure of your finger.

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Susan Cohn

The Designer

Susan Cohn