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Frutero Broken Bowl

Broken Bowl MSM01 B

€ 75,00

Designer Maximilian Schmahl

Frutero en acero colorado con resina epossidica, Super Black.

altura (cm):  7.00
longitud (cm):  31.50
ancho (cm):  30.00


With Broken Bowl the designer Maximilian Schmahl literally breaks with tradition to create a round fruit holder that, as the name suggests, is folded along the diameter and broken in two halves. The unusual shape of the object makes it possible to arrange the fruit in two parts, playing with the sizes, colours and shapes of the different types. Its broken shape gives Broken Bowl a slightly oscillatory feel, reminiscent of the movement that a branch makes when a fruit is picked from it.

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Maximilian Schmahl

The Designer

Maximilian Schmahl

Maximilian Schmahl es un joven diseñador de Berlín donde comenzó su propio estudio en 2013.