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Pasta-set Pasta Set

Pasta Set 9092 FM

€ 379,00

Designer Massimo Morozzi

Pasta-set en acero inoxidable 18/10 brillante. Fondo termodiffusór magnetico.

diámetro (cm):  23.00
altura (cm):  30.00
longitud (cm):  33.00
ancho (cm):  23.00
Content (cl/oz):  500.00

9092 FM

The Pasta-set is one of those rare cases where we have made a genuine innovation in the ancient field of cooking instruments: the pasta strainer is inside the pot. The shape of this object was fascinating and mysterious, so much so in fact that we carried out a survey: around half of those interviewed didn't think it was a cooking pot, and offered wildly differing interpretations of its use. But we went ahead with it anyway, and it was a good thing we did: the Pasta-set became so popular that it had a deep influence on the market and won the Gold Medal at Bio 11 in Ljubljana in 1986, and unleashed a flood of imitations worldwide (there are at least a hundred).

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Massimo Morozzi

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Massimo Morozzi