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Vassoio in acciaio inossidabile 18/10 lucido. Alice

Alice OD01

€ 170,00

Designer Odile Decq

Bandeja en acero inoxidable 18/10 brillante.

altura (cm):  2.50
longitud (cm):  51.00
ancho (cm):  36.00

A new kind gesture for bringing something on a tray!


Alice is designed by Odile Decq. Odile Decq is known around the world for a unique architectural style rich in tension-creating viewpoints and perspectives, shifts, movement and a dynamic vision, all of which can also be found in this new work. The surface of the Tray becomes an expressive space resulting from the intersection of lines and planes which appear to originate from different perspectives. The Alice tray also introduces a new way of serving, with a shape that invites users to hold it with their hands in an asymmetrical position, one in front of the other.

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Odile Decq