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Bottle opener Bulla

Bulla VS01 GP


Bottle opener in 18/10 stainless steel mirror polished with PVD coating, Golden Pink.

Height (cm):  2.00
Length (cm):  7.50
Width (cm):  3.00


Inspired by the molluscs with the same name, Bulla is the bottle opener in stainless steel designed by Valerio Sommella. It is a practical and compact object that can be easily carried around. Sleek and sophisticated, thanks to the special Golden Pink finish, Bulla turns into an elegant pendant to wear or to gift someone with.

The Objets-Bijoux collection colors pink. Small and functional everyday objects, the Objets-Bijoux are characterised by a skillful metal processing. The Golden Pink finish adds elegance and uniqueness to these rich and sophisticated inventions, ideal as a gift to others or to oneself. The different types of objects, selected from Objets-Bijoux, are embellished with this exterior, brilliant and sophisticated finish.

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