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Wrist watch l'orologio

l'orologio PC-AL28000


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    • silverplated
    • brown
    • grey
    • 18/10 stainless steel
    • red
    • black
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    • Ø cm 3.20
    • Ø cm 4.00

Frédéric Gooris' “l'orologio”: adds extra dimension to the world surrounding us


Wrist watch with bracelet in 18/10 stainless steel, black.

Diameter (cm):  3.20

With a single stroke of a pen “l’orologio” fuses all the components into a simple and elegant bidimensional frame, capturing the very essence of the classic wrist watch design. The glass resting on top of the thin frame reveals the big dial that lies well below the surface. This creates an unexpected dimension to the thin frame, a metaphor for the extra dimension time adds to the world surrounding us. “l’orologio” is a classic passepartout: clean, timeless and easy to read. (Frédéric Gooris)

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