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Sucrier à bec verseur Gino Zucchino

Gino Zucchino AGV02 GR

19,00 €

Designer Guido Venturini


hauteur (cm):  14.00
longueur (cm):  8.50
largeur (cm):  8.30
Content (cl/oz):  20.00

Un ami plein de sympathie… et de sucre


With its anthropomorphic appearance, this sugar castor is a representative icon of Venturini's style. It was conceived as part of the F.F.F. (Family Follows Fiction) metaproject, an operation in the early 1990s that aimed to explore the affective structure of shapes and objects, starting from the idea of reproducing the object creation process followed by children and primitive cultures. The result is a family of playful objects reminiscent of fairytale characters: they offer attractive answers to everyday uses, they suggest mediation through playing, and they're a bridge to the world of the imagination.

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Guido Venturini

The Designer

Guido Venturini

Né à Alfonsine en 1957. Architecte, designer et chercheur dans le secteur du design industriel, de l'aménagement des espaces et de la décoration intérieure (célèbre projet préparé avec Stefano Giovannoni pour le Maddalena Loveburger de Prato).