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Newspaper holder CO1096

CO1096 CO1096


Designer Kuno Prey

Newspaper holder in cherry-wood.

Diameter (cm):  4.00
Height (cm):  80.00

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Apart from metalworking, woodworking is the other ancient and traditional production method in the area where Alessi has its roots: the Strona valley in northern Piedmont, Italy. So as not to lose this precious link with tradition, in 1988 Alessi acquired the oldest original company in the valley, Battista Piazza 1865. A number of historic objects from the early 20th century have been reissued along with many new designs.

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Kuno Prey

The Designer

Kuno Prey

He lives in Weimar and in San Candido on the Dolomites, where he was born in 1958. After the artistic studies, he started collaborating with industry making researches on materials and new technologies which would characterize his projects in the course of the years.He works as consultant for design and research in many companies for which he designed various projects that earned him international acclaim. He has been Professor of Product Design at the Bauhaus-Universität in Weimar at the Fakultät Gestaltung since 1993 when the faculty was set up and he has contributed to its launching and success since it was established.