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Sugar bowl Bibo

Bibo VS07 SUG


Sugar bowl 18/10 stainless steel and melamine.

Height (cm):  6.70
Length (cm):  9.80
Width (cm):  6.00


The Bibo stainless steel sugar bowl is characterised by its curved shapes. The melamine lid is provided with a small opening which allows the insertion of a spoon,

Designed by Valerio Sommella, Bibo is a set of tea and coffee accessories available in two versions: one for professional use and the other for home table. The common item is a small melamine tray that holds two stainless steel containers. They are minimal and elegant objects, with slightly soft shapes that arise from the careful control of curved lines. The bar set consists of a tray, a container for sugar sachets and a paper napkin. The tray provides a stable place for the two containers, facilitating the transport of the set. A central rod with a ring closure allows you to grip Bibo even with one finger of the hand. The handle's asymmetry ensures stability and a perfect balance while moving the set.

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