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Tray Trayscape

Trayscape HW01


Designer Urbanus

Tray in melamine.

Height (cm):  3.50
Length (cm):  43.00
Width (cm):  31.00


“Trayscape”, designed by Urbanus, is part of the project “(Un)Forbidden City”. In the kitchen or in the living room the empty “Trayscape”, waiting for something that will come, looks like a table sculpture, a dark stone shaped like a lake landscape surrounded by the gentle hills that you can find in a precious, traditional Chinese garden. The full “Trayscape” is turned upside-down and the edges of its landscape became the support and the flat surface becomes the place where objects or food lay down to be served. The two different souls belonging to “Trayscape”, the expectations arising from the empty object and the functional use of the full tray are to be felt separately. The one excludes the other.

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The Designer


Founded by Xiaodu Liu, Yan Meng, Hui Wang in 1999, Urbanus is one of the most influential architecture design firms in China. URBANUS has achieved international recognition with projects such as Shenzhen Dafen Art Museum, social housing Urban Tulou and Tangshan Urban Planning Museum. Its works have been exhibited worldwide in contemporary architectural exhibitions, won prestigious awards and been published in international design magazines.