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Cup Tonale

Tonale DC03/78 LG


Wide cup in stoneware, Light Grey.

Diameter (cm):  9.50
Height (cm):  6.50
Content (cl/oz):  25.00

DC03/78 LG

The Tonale cup can be used for drinking, or as a small bowl for fruit or dessert. In ceramic stoneware, it is resistant to high temperatures and can be used in the oven or to serve hot dishes.

Versatile crockery to bring shape and colour to your everyday table. The Tonale table service, designed by David Chipperfield, is a collection of crockery in ceramic stoneware. The name refers to the different tones of colour in the various elements of the range. Each object acquires its own individuality, disconnected from the others and at the same time united by the same colour range. Just like in a painting, Tonale offers you the possibility of composing your own table by matching objects and colours in an original manner.

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