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Home ornament Bianca, la Balena Buona

Bianca, la Balena Buona MJ16 9


Fleurs de Jorì, precious little gifts

MJ16 9

Home ornament in porcelain. Hand-decorated.

Width (cm):  5.00
Height (cm):  10.50
Length (cm):  11.00

The perfect decoration, a special gift for yourself or a loved one: Bianca, la Balena Buona (the Good Whale), can be hung or placed on a surface, to decorate your home or embellish your table on a special day.

Tradition and magic atmospheres are enclosed by Marcello Jori in a collection of decorations inspired by the famous jewel eggs realized at the court of the Tsars of Russia. The Fleurs de Jorì decorations remind you of this past by preserving its craftsmanship, executive quality, richness of decor and care for details. These ornaments are sought-after as precious gifts, unique objects to hang, creating a charming and special atmosphere.

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