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Tablett, rechteckig Placentarius

Placentarius AP01

205,00 Fr.

Designer Anonimo pompeiano

Tablett, rechteckig mit Rand, getrieben aus Edelstahl glänzend poliert.

Länge (cm):  57.40
Breite (cm):  35.50


The design of this tray comes from a small Pompeii bronze known as Placentarius, depicting an old naked man, rather flamboyantly erect, and holding a tray on his palm. Discovered in 1925 in the House of Efebo in Pompeii, it is now in the Archaeological Museum of Naples. There are four examples in mirror-image symmetrical pairs: it is highly probable that they formed a decorative set for the dining area, and that they contained toothpicks. The bronze statue was the model for recreating the tray in its original proportions, using modern technology, metal and industrial production methods.

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Anonimo pompeiano

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Anonimo pompeiano