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Centrepiece Opus

Opus GV32 R


Designer Guido Venturini

Centrepiece in steel coloured with epoxy resin, red.

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Metallic lace for the table.

GV32 R

“Opus” is metal open-work, an elegant centrepiece reminiscent of fabric lace. It was precisely lace and tatting that inspired Guido Venturini in his design of this sophisticated article. “Opus” is a large centrepiece whose shape conveys lightness thanks to its unusual open-work pattern.

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Guido Venturini

The Designer

Guido Venturini

Born at Alfonsine in 1957. Architect, designer and explorer in the field of industrial design, interior design and architecture. In 1985 he and Stefano Giovannoni founded the Bolidist group and set up King-Kong Productions. He has taught at Domus Academy and at Florence Faculty of Architecture. Music is his greatest passion and source of inspiration.