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Ashtray 90047

90047 90047


Designer Marianne Brandt

Ashtray with round opening and cigarettes-stand, in 18/10 stainless steel and brass.

Diameter (cm):  12.00
Height (cm):  6.80

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The ashtray as a ritual object with an archetypal form


Designed by Mariann Brandt, the only woman to have worked in the Metallwerkstatt of the Bauhaus it's part of the project including the home accessories coming from significant examples of creative moments, historical epochs or prototypes my major creators in our own specific field: Almost all the objects Alessi works with have ancient origins, and are strongly conditioned by rituals, plucked either from memory or the collective unconscious.

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Marianne Brandt

The Designer

Marianne Brandt

German (1893-1983). She studied painting and sculpture in Weimar and was the only woman who took part in the Metallwerkstatt of the Bauhaus. Her objects are a splendid example of her research to simplify the industrial processes of spinning and printing.