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Basket Kaleidos

Kaleidos PC-NS02


Designer Naoko Shintani

Basket in steel coloured with epoxy resin, white.

Diameter (cm):  26.00
Height (cm):  9.00
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    • white
    • 18/10 stainless steel

Kaleidoscopic reflections


The basket Kaleidos was designed by Naoko Shintani. The designer took her inspiration from the Japanese tradition of origami with the aim of reproducing the dynamism of folded paper in metal. The result is an object which, as the name suggests, recalls a kaleidoscope which reflects and multiplies its content in an infinite series of cross-references. Its reduced size makes it suitable for use as a basket, a fruit holder or a generic container.

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Naoko Shintani

The Designer

Naoko Shintani

Born in Japan, Naoko Shintani has lived and worked in Italy since 1989. She has worked in the area of industrial design since 1981, collaborating with a number of companies in the field of home furnishings and accessories. She also works in packaging and has completed projects for the packaging industry and the gourmet confectionary field. She designs exhibition space for trade fairs as well as displays for numerous showrooms and shops, and her work was been awarded by the Italian Association of Window Decorators (ANVI). Shintani also works as an art director for various companies. Shintani’s customers include: Arflex, Nordica, Martini, Federalexpress, Editoriale Domus, Pomellato, MH Way, Diego Della Valle, Covo, Taveggia, San Lorenzo.