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Set of 3 Christmas baubles Gaspare, Melchiorre e Baldassarre

Gaspare, Melchiorre e Baldassarre AMJ14SET2


Set of 3 Christmas baubles in blown glass. Hand-decorated.

Diameter (cm):  6.00

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The Christmas bauble is part of the project Palle Presepe designed by Marcello Jori. This design by Marcello Jori combines two great traditions, the nativity scene and the decoration of the Christmas tree, producing a small but significant innovation. The nativity scene, made out of the Christmas Baubles that represent characters of the Christmas scene, can in effect create a new tree design, but can also end up in any other corner of the house. The baubles can be hung on wires, lamps, candlesticks, posts, and bookshelves. They can be attached to a tape, and made into a Christmas wreath, etc. The baubles are Christmas decorations made out of a glass sphere measuring about 9 cm. in diameter. They are hand painted on an internally mirrored glass base to give the decoration an effect of luminosity and depth. The Set includes: Gaspare, Melchiorre e Baldassarre. Le Palle Presepe are available also in single packaging.

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