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Wedding cake topper Abbracciami amore mio

Abbracciami amore mio AMGI59


Designer Massimo Giacon

Wedding cake topper in porcelain. Hand-decorated.

Height (cm):  6.70
Length (cm):  5.50
Width (cm):  4.60


Massimo Giacon certainly took an unconventional approach to his design for Abbracciami amore mio, a little figurine for decorating wedding cakes. With a little touch of irreverence towards tradition, the designer imagines a newlywed couple where the bride carries the groom into their new house rather than the other way around. The figurine Abbracciami amore mio sits on a little base so it can stand firmly on the wedding cake.

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Massimo Giacon

The Designer

Massimo Giacon

Born in Padua, Italy, in 1961, comic-strip artist and illustrator, a leading light in the renewal of Italian comic, he divides his time as a graphic artist, designer, musician and artist.