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Grater with cheese cellar Parmenide

Parmenide AARU01 I


Designer CSA, Alejandro Ruiz

Grater with cheese cellar in thermoplastic resin, ice and steel mirror polished.

Height (cm):  6.70
Length (cm):  15.30
Width (cm):  7.50

Parmenide, cheese grater and cheese cellar in one


The grater Parmenide designed by Alejandro Ruiz brings two aspects of the traditional household scene together: the cheese grater and the serving bowl. Parmenide also becomes an attractive piece of tableware once the cheese has been grated. Parmenide is in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

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The Designer


The Alessi Research Centre (CSA) was set up in 1990 for two purposes: to draw up theoretical papers on topics associated with objects (to be published as books), and to coordinate work with young designers. Up until that time Alessi had only worked with “major designers”, and I felt a certain degree of responsibility towards young, upcoming designers. Alberto Alessi

Alejandro Ruiz

The Designer

Alejandro Ruiz

Born in Bahia Blanca in 1954. Designer, interior designer and interior decorator. He collaborated with Alchimia studio and with Gregotti Associati. He was teacher at the European Design Institute and at Domus Academy. He works for Alacta, Perani, Mimo, Red-Zanussi.