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Wine cooler 5052

5052 PC-5052


Designer Ettore Sottsass
Advice Alberto Gozzi

Wine cooler with handles for two Rhine bottles and "magnum" in 18/10 stainless steel mirror polished outside, mat finish inside.

Diameter (cm):  21.00
Height (cm):  27.00
Content (cl/oz):  650.00
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    • h cm 23.00 - Ø cm 25.00 - cl 700.00
    • h cm 27.00 - Ø cm 21.00 - cl 650.00


Designed to hold three of the five possible basic shapes of wine bottles and cool them right up to the neck. Great attention is paid to the details: the body is thicker at the base and on the edge to avoid possible marking, the handles afford a perfect grip even with just one hand, the capacity is two bottles, the depth means the bottle can be immersed for its entire useful height, and the shape means that several coolers can be stacked.

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Ettore Sottsass

The Designer

Ettore Sottsass

Born in Innsbruck in 1917, he is known the world over as one of the initiators of the revolution in architecture and design which led away from the rigid functionalism of the years prior to and following the Second World War. A great and influential Maestro of Italian design, the energy of his language and the vitality of his colour and line contrast sharply with any intellectualism and rigidity. He dies in December 2007.