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Tealight holder Mediterraneo

Mediterraneo ESI21


Designer LPWK, Emma Silvestris

"Mediterraneo", the coral on the table


Tealight holder in 18/10 stainless steel mirror polished.

Diameter (cm):  9.00
Height (cm):  4.00

The Tealight holder designed by Emma Silvestris is part of the "Mediterraneo" home accessories. The project on the formal and functional aspects of an icon like the coral has changed the branches that become a frame for the tealight that, from the inside of the object, reflects on the polished corals and spreads an harmonious light.

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The Designer


Born in Bergamo, Italy, Laura Polinoro graduated in Drama Art and Music Studies in Bologna. Her first job was in the field of contemporary dance as art director and costume and set designer. Later she undertook research at the Domus Academy in Milan. From 1990 to 1998 she was in charge of the Centro Studi Alessi, where she operated as meta-project designer and art director, coordinating workshops both in-house and in association with various universities and design institutes the world over. She was also involved in publishing and communications activities. Items which entered production in that period are identified with the acronym “CSA”. Since 2004 products overseen by Ms. Polinoro have been identified with the letters "LPWK"

Emma Silvestris

The Designer

Emma Silvestris

Emma Silvestris, born in Salerno in 1962, currently lives and works in Bari. Having obtained a Bachelor of Arts, specialising in foreign literature and history of art, she subsequently worked as a teacher and researcher. Since 1990 she has been working in the field of design, taking part in the activities of the Special Studio in Bari. An eclectic and versatile designer, her projects combine soft, feminine lines, the precision and elegance of geometry and the use of ancient symbols.