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Bonbonniere Bombolina

Bombolina AMGI58


Designer Massimo Giacon

Wedding favour in porcelain. Hand-decorated.

Height (cm):  9.00
Length (cm):  8.00
Width (cm):  7.00


Giacon’s Bombolina takes the form of a white swan upon whose feathers sits a kissing couple. Giacon chooses a classic symbol of eternal love: swans stay with their partners for life. The body of the swan acts as a container for wedding favour sweets. The couple are not wearing wedding clothes so the party favour can also be used for other purposes, such as a gift on an important anniversary.

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Massimo Giacon

The Designer

Massimo Giacon

Born in Padua, Italy, in 1961, comic-strip artist and illustrator, a leading light in the renewal of Italian comic, he divides his time as a graphic artist, designer, musician and artist.