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Table luminaire Girotondo

Girotondo PC-AKK86


Table lamp in thermoplastic resin, white. Adjustable, with three brightness levels. 2.2 W 3.7 V LED light.

Height (cm):  20.00
Length (cm):  14.00
Width (cm):  4.50
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    • white
    • blue
    • light green
    • pink


An evocative lamp whose presence gives a touch of originality to the environment, creating a special atmosphere.

The iconic figure of the Girotondo, designed by Stefano Giovannoni and Guido Venturini in the late 1980s, continues its journey through time, transforming itself into a special object each time. From table, kitchen, office and small furnishing accessories such as this King-Kong LED table lamp designed to adapt to different uses and environments. Provided with a rechargeable battery, Girotondo can be used both as a table lamp - connected to the home network - and as a portable light, to be placed wherever you want to enjoy its soft, diffused light. The On/Off switch with variable light function allows three different levels of light intensity.

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