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Wall clock Arris

Arris PC-ACO05


Designer Adam Cornish

Wall clock in steel coloured with epoxy resin, black.

Diameter (cm):  30.00
Height (cm):  4.00
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    • 18/10 stainless steel


Designed by Adam Cornish, the Arris wall clock is a reflection on the concept of time. From the English architectural term for sharp edge, Arris is a steel disc bent along the middle axis, an undulated surface that recalls the incessant passing of time in its movement. It is a clock that does not merely tell the time but that reflects the idea of infinity connected to it, in a game of lights and shadows that emphasises this continuity. The elemental design of this clock makes it blend in seamlessly with a host of different styles.

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Adam Cornish

The Designer

Adam Cornish

Adam Cornish’s work is born of simple observational based design. Adam believes his work is both inspired by and contributes to the continuing evolution of products. Just like animals and plants; products need to evolve and adapt to better suit the continually changing environment, advances in materials or new technologies and the impact each of these have on our planet. Adam studied Industrial Design at the University of Technology Sydney and more recently, completed a degree in Furniture Design at Royal Melbourne's Institute of Technology, where Adam retains a close affiliation. He regularly lectures and shares insights into his manufacturing experiences with students at RMIT. The scope of Adam's work includes an impressive range of design disciplines, including furniture and household innovation, as well as complex commercial and residential installations.