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Centrepiece with interposable elements Niche

Niche ZH02


Centrepiece with interposable elements in melamine, black.

Height (cm):  7.00
Length (cm):  60.00
Width (cm):  30.00


Niche can quite simply be considered a domestic sculpture. The composition of formally complex pieces results in a unique and sinuous dovetail effect. As soon as you see Niche you want to take a piece in your hands so you can feel what to the eye appears to be an attractive, sinuous and velvety object. It can be a centrepiece made up of 5 pieces, each of which can be used as an individual receptacle for sweets or chocolates, or it can be used on a desk to hold office stationery and pens. Niche is produced from black melamine and has a smooth, matte finish that makes the pieces both pleasing to the touch and easy on the eye. An image of the composition, designed to act as a guide, is found underneath the base of the object together with the Officina Alessi logo and the name of the designer.

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