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Kettle Mami

Mami SG65


Designer Stefano Giovannoni

Kettle in 18/10 stainless steel mirror polished with magnetic stainless steel bottom.

Height (cm):  20.50
Length (cm):  21.50
Width (cm):  19.50
Content (cl/oz):  150.00


In the Mami kettle Stefano Giovannoni expresses all his poetics related to soft, rounded and "maternal" forms rooted in our deepest imagination. The Mami kettle is made of stainless steel 18/10, the round and large body invokes a world of affections that gives back to the kitchen its home-like nature.

A soft and round shape for a kettle that could only be called "Mami". Designed by Stefano Giovannoni and made of stainless steel 18/10, the Mami kettle was created from the author's search of a new classicism in which harmony and archetypes were united. A roundedness to caress, an object of design which is in perfect harmony with the cosy atmosphere of the kitchen.

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Stefano Giovannoni

The Designer

Stefano Giovannoni

Born in La Spezia in 1954, Stefano as an architect and designer was taught by Buti at Florence University. In the early 80’s he founded the King-Kong Production Group along with Guido Venturini. His explosive talent enables him to embody a complex system of 'affective codes' in his projects. This great approach won him the title of 'Super & Popular' designer in the 90’s. A technical designer par excellence he has industrial design in his DNA and the capacity to understand public sentiment like no other designer mentioned in this catalogue. His projects began with the “Girotondo” (1989 designed with Guido Venturini) and the first transparent objects in plastic from the “Family Follows Fiction” series (1993). There is a huge number of his items in the “Officina Alessi”, “Alessi” and “A di Alessi” catalogues.