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Kettle Pito

Pito 90031


Kettle in 18/10 stainless steel mirror polished with handle and cap with melodic whistle in mahogany wood.

Height (cm):  18.20
Length (cm):  23.50
Width (cm):  21.20
Content (cl/oz):  180.00


Pito is a stainless steel kettle designed by Frank Gehry. The melodic top and the handle in mahogany have the stylized shape of two darting fishes. The melody produced by the whistle is likewise peculiar, it sounds like a whale's song. Gehry turned a kitchen utensil into a fascinating poetic object.

The pride of Alessi, PITO kettle is the only object that Frank Gehry designed in his long career. An architect known for his outstanding buildings with a highly innovative formal language, Gehry created a sculptural and extraordinary object that is PITO. The kettle's body is made of stainless steel 18/10 and it has a cylindrical shape, similar to that of a wave; the handle and the melodic top are made of mahogany and look like two fishes darting out of water. PITO is an expression of the fascination that Gehry has had for fishes since childhood, a fascination which has characterised part of the work that he has developed both as an architect and as a sculptor.

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