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Tray Ming

Ming KZ01


Designer Ke Zhang

Tray in 18/10 stainless steel mirror polished.

Height (cm):  2.50
Length (cm):  60.00
Width (cm):  17.00


“Ming”, designed by Zhang Ke (Standardarchitecture), is part of the project “(Un)Forbidden City”. “Ming” is a Tray for the kitchen and for the living room , with straight lines on the one side and subtle curves on the other side. The design revokes values of Ming Dynasty Chinese design that coincide so much with that of contemporary time. With the straight side up it can function as an “Ink and Brush Bed” for intellectuals, a “Tea Ceremony Counter” or a “Sushi Tray”; with the curvy side up it can be simply a “Fruit Tray”. “Ming” is an extremely simple at the same time sophisticated gentleman. (Zhang Ke)

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Ke Zhang

The Designer

Ke Zhang

Master of Architecture 1998, Harvard University, Graduate School of Design Master of Architecture and Urban Design 1996, Tsinghua University, School of Architecture Bachelor of Architecture 1993, Tsinghua University, School of Architecture Standardarchitecture is a leading new generation design firm engaged in practices of planning, architecture, landscape, and product design. Based on a wide range of realized buildings and landscapes in the past five years, it has emerged as the most critical and realistic practice among the youngest generation of Chinese architects and designers. Consciously distance themselves from many of the other “typical” young generation architects who are swallowed by a trend of noise making, the office remain detached in a time of media frenzy and their focus is consistently positioned on the realization of urban visions and ideas. Although standardarchitecture’s built works often take exceptionally provocative visual results, their buildings and landscapes are always rooted in the historic and cultural settings with a degree of intellectual debate. Founded by Ke Zhang in 2001, the office now has three principals: Ke Zhang, Hong Zhang and Claudia Taborda.