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Salad serving bowl All-Time

All-Time PC-AGV29/38


Designer Guido Venturini

Salad serving bowl in bone china.

Diameter (cm):  24.50
Content (cl/oz):  315.00
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    • Ø cm 20.00 - cl 163.00
    • Ø cm 24.50 - cl 315.00

The flowing shape and the soft light


Thin and lightweight thanks to bone china porcelain, the All-Time salad bowl is perfect for every table, just like all the other elements that make up this tableware.


Guido Venturini designed fluid forms and clean lines for the All-Time dish service. The objects' surfaces are connected so as to allow light to reflect softly and attenuated. Made in bone china, the All-Time dishes offer everything you need in order to set up special tables from breakfast to dinner.


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Guido Venturini

The Designer

Guido Venturini

Born at Alfonsine in 1957. Architect, designer and explorer in the field of industrial design, interior design and architecture. In 1985 he and Stefano Giovannoni founded the Bolidist group and set up King-Kong Productions. He has taught at Domus Academy and at Florence Faculty of Architecture. Music is his greatest passion and source of inspiration.