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Spoon for tea bag Tèo

Tèo AS01


Designer LUCY.D - Karin Santorso, Barbara Ambrosz

Spoon for tea bag in 18/10 stainless steel mirror polished.

Length (cm):  14.50

A new way of making tea


In addition to its normal function, “Tèo”, designed by Karin Santorso (Studio LUCY.D), makes it possible, once the tea is ready, to remove the bag from the cup and gently squeeze it, pulling it up through the hollow handle.

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LUCY.D - Karin Santorso, Barbara Ambrosz

The Designer

LUCY.D - Karin Santorso, Barbara Ambrosz

Designstudio LUCY.D Wien DESIGN & INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE What links all LUCY.D' s projects is a clear, formal language. We design items to last, and we place great value on the sustainable use of materials and well thought- out solutions. When developing projects for interiors, it's necessary to find the optimum balance between functional paths, a new sub-division of the spaces and their suggestive use.