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Table/tray Op-la

Op-la PC-JM12


Designer Jasper Morrison

tray/table, base in stainless steel, top and tray in ABS, white .

Diameter (cm):  48.00
Height (cm):  52.00
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A large tray that can disappear and turn into a small table


The Op-là tray/table, has been designed by Jasper Morrison to be interactive, with combinable solutions for two objects: Op is a tray, while Op-là turns into a tray-table. This functional versatility allows you to move the contents of the tray/ table when in use and, in the end, to rearrange it quickly. Two large handles are cut into the circular shape so that the tray can become a stable table. The functional value of Op-là expands especially when the tray function isn’t required. Indeed, turning Op-là into a table automatically solves the tricky problem of stowing away such a large tray.

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Jasper Morrison

The Designer

Jasper Morrison

Born in London in 1959, he studied design at Royal College of Art and at the HdK in Berlin. Editor of the Design Year Book 1999 with a passion for the history of design, Morrison designs for Cappellini, Vitra, Magis, Flos, Rosenthal and Sony.