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Toast rack 90029

90029 90029


Designer Christopher Dresser

Toast rack in steel mirror polished.

Height (cm):  13.50
Length (cm):  11.30
Width (cm):  8.30


Designed in 1878 by Christopher Dresser, one of the most radical and prolific designers of the 19th century as well as an influential writer on the decorative arts. Deeply dissatisfied by the expressions of English design, he emphasised the importance of functionality, simplicity and mechanical ability, convinced that industrial and scientific progress would lead to a completely new artistic style. In particular, he promoted a rational and scientific attitude to design which was based on the use of good, cheap materials combined with an essential decoration. He was one of the first designers with a professional background in production using machinery, and he could be said to be Europe's first industrial designer. Although much original documentation has been lost or destroyed over time, Alessi has reissued some of Dresser's table service designs. The project has resulted in a deeper knowledge of Dresser, who was the true precursor of the age of design for modern industry.

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Christopher Dresser

The Designer

Christopher Dresser

English (1834-1904). Renowned botanist and scholar of decorative arts, he probably was the first industrial designer in the modern sense of the term. He designed crafted objects showing a great expressive daring but also a great number of houseware products (from wallpaper to furniture, from metal objects to ceramics, to glass, to fabrics).